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Trusty Sources Corp.


Trusty Sources Corp., founded in Taichung, Taiwan in 1994, is a professional leading company in the pneumatic fastening system that stands for reliable hallmark for quality, value and after-sales services.

The core group has more than 25 years of manufacturing and exporting experience of pneumatic nailers and staplers to all around the world. By carefully and quickly responding to market demands, TRUSTY keeps developing products that all come with innovative design, advanced features and consistent quality.

Customer’s requests and market feedbacks are seriously valued for new product development or current model enhancement. Likewise, for customer’s specific applications, TRUSTY is capable to act quickly in designing and producing new products.



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TRUSTY new generation tools weight light, appear to be sleek, yet literally work to stand professional and industrial demands. TRUSTY makes the great leap, bringing and absolute experience of power, speed and performance with the new line tools. Moreover, to complete the service in pneumatic fastening system, TRUSTY supplies top quality fasteners, which provides TRUSTY tools an edge in the market.

Each TRUSTY tool is applied with strict quality control procedure prior to shipment. With TRUSTY, quality speaks more for TRUSTY tools build not only quality but your name with it!

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